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Our Mission is to bring people to saving faith in Christ Jesus, to make disciples that will result in a caring Christian community, which obeys the voice of God, in order to live the abundant life
GMCC serves as the Trinidad and Tobago Jurisdictional Headquarters of the 6.5 million member global Church of God In Christ, which was established over 108 years ago in the USA. The outstanding cadre of leaders from this local assembly, have made their marks in the Church and may be found yet serving in a multiplicity of organizations, seeking to eliminate human suffering and alienation for the honor and glory of God.
Currently, work is being done to expand the church complex to house the newly incorporated, All Saints International University, which when launched would facilitate the training and development of existing and emerging leaders.

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Greater Malabar Christian Centre (GMCC) – Celebrating 30 Years of Ministry and Counting The story of GMCC began in 1980, when our Founding Pastor, Bishop Dr. H. Joseph Griffith and his wife, Evangelist Dr. Terrie Lee Griffith, were called by God to establish a church in the Malabar area, in East Trinidad. In obedience to this call, they sold their home in San Diego, California, USA, by Christmas 1981 and with their two young daughters, Schalonda and Shaunte, they returned to Trinidad and Tobago on January 11, 1982.
The Ministry began as a Prayer Cell at Bishop Griffith’s birth home on Railway Street in Arima and eventually relocated to a tent on Allamanda Street, Malabar. The Church was officially registered on January 12, 1986 and was later incorporated by an Act of Parliament. Since then, the Ministry has been recognized in church circles, locally and internationally, as a force for good, pursuing its objectives with a passionate and robust social reformation ethos.

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The Church operates as a Community Centre in the area, where it has been involved in developing and executing numerous programs, such as:
  • School Feeding Programme
  • Heritage Child Care Centre – established in October 1990
  • Blest Foods Grocery
  • Blest News bi-monthly magazine
  • Musical concerts
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Laymen and Bible Training Institute
    (currently All Saints Institute)
  • Computer Literacy Training
  • Health Clinics
  • Financial Literacy Seminars
  • Clean-up Campaigns
  • Prison and Hospital Ministry
  • Youth and Children's Ministry
  • Community Exercise and Wellness Programs
  • Meals on Wheels Project for feeding the elderly, needy and sick
  • Music Ministry – through the Blest Harps Steel Orchestra that has highlighted our national instrument globally
  • Multifaceted Counseling Programs inclusive of: alcohol & drugs, marriage and family, employability enhancement, youth, inter alia