Bishop H. Joseph Griffith, Ph.D., D.Min., D.D.

Founding Pastor

Bishop H. Joseph Griffith is the Lead Pastor and founder of the Greater Malabar Christian Centre. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the organization and directly supervises the work of the pastors and divisional heads of the ministry. He is an ex officio member of the Board of GMCC. Bishop Griffith brings into the pastoral ministry a wealth of experience from positions which he has held in his very impressive professional career. Apart from being well established as a religious leader globally, Dr. Griffith has distinguished himself in the fields of Human Services, Human Resource Management, Organizational Development and Social Policy.

Lady Terrie Griffith

Pastoral Division, Church Operating Officer

Under the leadership of the Lead Pastor and Church Operating Officer, an outstanding cadre of ordained ministers provides care, counselling, teaching and activation for the membership and adherents to expedite the missional work that will result in a community of believers which obeys the voice of God, in order to live the abundant life. Toward this end the following are substantive staff positions in the division:
  • Missions and Evangelism Pastor
  • Care & Counseling Pastor
  • Social Capital Pastor
  • Family Foundations Pastor

Adjutant Daniel Plenty

Church Ministries Divisional Director

The Church Ministries Division has the responsibility of providing oversight for the families of GMCC and engaging the families in activities which would strengthen the bond within each nuclear family. This division is mandated to activate the families toward the mission of the ministry in reaching out evangelistically to the families of the community in bringing them to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Pastor Annette M. James

Public Relations Divisional Director

The Public Relations Division is responsible for developing and implementing strategies that will maintain and enhance the Ministry’s relationship with its internal and external publics. The Division achieves its objectives through the operations of the following departments and committees: Ushers Board, Hospitality committee, Audio visual Department, Publication Committee, Church Website and Events committee.

Deacon Mervyn Virgil,

Social Action and Justice Division

This Division brings Christian values and intervention to bear on social problems and potential problems which may negatively affect the society at large. It is engaged in providing advocacy for persons who are needy and require access to the services of the state, developing programs to enhance the quality of life for various groups and creating an empowerment zone that is the Malabar community. The division provides leadership in organizing the community to collective action in alleviating injustice and inequity. It cooperates with others to help make the institutions of society better serve the common good and is the face of the ministry as it pursues its robust social reformation ethic.

Evangelist Elizabeth Rawlins

Human Resources Divisional Director

The Human Resources Division is responsible for the Training, Educating and Developing of all the ministry personnel both paid staff, volunteers and the general membership. Special projects are coordinated by this division during the after school, vacation and summer breaks to engage the youths of the community in educational and recreational activities. The division through its Sunday School department maintains a robust educational hour for all age groups. Recently, it was tasked as this division to point in the establishment and development of All Saints International University (ASIU).

Evangelist Anita Plenty

Corporate Services Divisional Director

This division is mainly responsible for overseeing the general administration and operations of the Greater Malabar Complex. It maintains the largest establishment of full time and part time staff to accomplish its mandate.

Our Respected


The Board of Directors of the ministry is comprised of appointed Divisional Directors, Elected Directors and Alternates. It is the institutional and strategic arm of the Ministry which dispatches its responsibilities mainly through Commissions:

  • Finance Commission
  • Membership Commission
  • Property and Grounds Commission
  • Social Justice Commission
  • Social Capital Commission
  • Programs and Communications Commission
  • Missions and Benevolence Commission